Sink a little deeper into the Barossa.

An immersive cultural experience, our Cultural Walking Tour brings the Barossa to life for our guests and creates a lasting, personal connection to this special region.



  • Sundays 9am - 11am

  • Duration 2 hours

  • Distance approx 2km

  • Easy terrain; suitable for all fitness levels

  • Find your personal connection to the Barossa and take a little slice of the Barossa good life home with you.


$65 per person
Children under 18 free

Your tour.

We invite you to join us for a Sunday stroll with a difference.

If you've always wanted to explore the Barossa a little deeper - beyond the cellar doors and restaurants that rightly make our region so well-loved - then we invite you to walk with us through the historic village of Krondorf and discover a new, personal connection to the Barossa.

We bring the Barossa to life for our guests, as we explore the food, music, culture, celebrations, traditions and characters that built the Barossa, and learn how they continue to influence our lives today, through stories, journal entries, letters and anecdotes.

"Why do so many of the cemeteries feature beautifully carved ship's anchor motifs? Why do people care if it's raining on June 27th? And what on earth is a Tin Kettling?" Using touch points along the way, and evocative stories from our past - and present -  we delve into what makes the Barossa special - and how you take a little bit of the Barossa good life home with you. Whether you've never been to the Barossa before, or you're a seasoned campaigner, our Heritage Walking Tours offer a memorable and entertaining insight into this place we call home.

Your guide for the morning is Jess - warm, welcoming and very entertaining. Our tours are fun, lively and interactive; no dreary list of dates and names, we promise!

Krondorf is one of the best preserved examples of a traditional Barossa village and with its quiet, dignified cemetery, village church, beautiful stone buildings and traditional farming properties it provides wonderful examples of living Barossa history and a genuine connection for visitors to the region.

Our Tours begin and finish on our property Krondorf Creek Farm, and we’ll usually find ourselves in the heritage Orchard, enjoying a nibble of what is currently in season, or under the shade of the 150 year old mulberry tree with its abundance of juicy berries. We also offer the option of including a wine tasting at the conclusion of your Tour - please advise us if you’d like to join us for a structured wine tasting.

We love sharing the best of the Barossa with our guests,and look forward to welcoming you on a Heritage Walking Tour soon.

Highly recommended

“Jess provided an interesting and entertaining insight in to some of the history of the beautiful Barossa. The stories of locals, recent and distant, were certainly heartfelt, and roused an underlying interest in the history of our young nation. The sharing of fresh fruit from the farm’s trees was the “icing on the cake” for us! Thank you Jess for your honesty, generosity and trusting us to witness the strength and vulnerability of Krondorf residents past and present!”

— Valerie, January 2019

Why the Barossa is so hospitable

“I’ve never experienced hospitality anywhere else like Barossa. Young and old alike demonstrate care for visitors and the people in their community. Jess’s tour will give you insight into why Barossa is unique in this regard. 

Whether you are visiting the Barossa for the first or the 8th time like me or even if you live in Barossa:  Go for a walk with Jess. You will learn from and remember her wonderful tour. She informs so vividly. No book or googling could bring the past into such sharp focus and help you understand today’s Barossa like her stories do.  I highly recommend you take a walk with Jess.”

- Gayle, August 2019

What to expect.

Expect to be entertained, and immersed in the cultural heritage of the Barossa!

Our Tours set out every Sunday morning at 9am from 224 Krondorf Road, Krondorf.

Our route takes us approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to traverse. There's plenty of time for stopping to take in the scenery or a beautiful corner of the village. The terrain is a mix of bitumised and dirt roads and because Krondorf Road runs downhill from the Kaiser Stuhl, there is a slight rise to be conquered on the way home. It is an easy walk; virtually all levels of fitness are able to participate.

Our tours are a fantastic group activity, and are suitable for all age groups (although children under 12 may need some help from mum or dad). There is no charge for guests under 18 years old.

We love questions and discussions with our guests so you’re always encouraged to jump in with an observation or some insight of your own to contribute.


“I highly recommend to any Barossa folk or tourist to do this experience. We learnt so much about the heritage of the Barossa (and) in particular the settlement of Krondorf village. I was captivated the entire 2 hours and our host Jess from @Krondorfcreekfarm_barossa was simply amazing. It was the best way to spend a Sunday morning.”

— Mathew S, January 2019

Five stars!

”What a fantastic history "lesson"..... one without lots of dates to remember, but instead a fascinating insight into the settlement of this region/district of the Barossa valley by the Lutherans. I didn't quite know what to expect from this tour as a friend booked it so I thought I would let it play out. And I came away with so much more of an understanding and appreciation for these early settlers and the challenges they faced. Jess was so engaging and a great story teller. Her passion for this district and its history is infectious. I highly recommend this tour. Thank you Jess.”

— Valentine, March 2019

Highly recommended!

“Yesterday I visited the village of Krondorf knowing I had booked a walking tour of the town today. My thought was..."what on earth could the tour involve". The town has one road, no shop.....BOY was I wrong. Jess from @barossa_walks Cultural Heritage Walk was amazing. Two hours of entertainment, fascinating history, local knowledge and laughter. Far exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended”

— Karen L, Juyl 2019

Important Information.

Please wear sensible footwear that is suitable for walking on a variety of surfaces. 

Your guide carries drinking water, a basic first aid kit and a mobile phone. Please bring your own water bottle, sunscreen, a hat or wet weather gear as necessary. 

An early morning stroll on a warm day can be quite nice, but there's nothing fun about being pelted with rain while trying to take in some scenery. For this reason we reserve the right to cancel tours due to inclement weather. In this case we will offer you a full refund. 

Tours are strictly limited to eight participants. There is no minimum number of participants.

We hold public liability insurance to $20 million. 

If you have any questions about bringing children along, please contact us; we're really happy to provide some more information.